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Kovers for K-9's, benefit for The Next Step Animal Rescue and Foster Program

Audio Assault NC, supporting artist for Prowess's EP release at Amos' Southend Charlotte NC 

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Dirty Over Hall Rock Show Interviews Audio Assault NC

Based in the Triad, NC
Founded in 2016
Genre: #Rock #Metal 
Paul Bowman - Vocals
Henry Juarez – Guitar
Steve Nickowski – Guitar
John Chambers - Bass
Geoff La Penta - Drums
Dominic Mousseau - Sound Engineer

When you want hard rock riffs and all the bad-ass shredding of rock legends, but just can't choose just one band, why not book them all with a high energy, never say die band that brings it every single show. Audio Assault NC is truly a crowd pleaser, with energetic performances stunning originals(Coming SOON), and a state of the art stage setup, . Audio Assault NC is an up and coming concert rock band that has supported some amazing artists, such as Wayland, Prowess, and Silvertung, and who also presents a portfolio of venues that show a proven track record of professional shows. 

Our Story

They say when one door closes another one opens. That is exactly how Audio Assault NC morphed into existence. One day, we were all rocking out separately in our own small universes.  Next, we were rocking it together as a seriously bonded group. Sure, we knew each other prior to this, and had even played together quite a bit but when we all came together as one, that was one of those special, once in
a lifetime kind of events that everyone dreams of, but seldom are able to achieve. To say we are a group or a band doesn’t describe us, instead we are a family doing what we love, entertaining.

Who we are:
Steve Nickowski, Rhythm Guitarist, and Booking Manager, who could sell snow cones to an Eskimo is one of three founders and very driven to succeed. Passionate about all things, our band Audio Assault NC being one, he has secured venues unheard of for a band of this age. Hailing from the land of snow, wind, and the Great Lakes, Alpena, Michigan, he has lived more recently in Greensboro, NC. Steve also brings backup vocals, an extremely energetic stage presence, and the
ability to push the band family beyond their limits to reach heights they would have never thought possible before.


started his musical journey at 16 joining the school chorus. Then at 17 started his 1st band called Knightstalker. Which is where he started writing songs and learning how bands work. From there he went on to front a few cover bands,...Mr. Speed,5 O'clock shadow, Ragman. Then he Fronted
Knowmad, a original band that took his songwriting up a notch. However, when there were not enough funds to hit the studio like they wanted, the band dissolved. There were other cover bands through the years::::::Heavy Breed,..Hooked,..Dirty Harry,...Bone Cold,....Alternate View to name a few.
He spent a short time with the original group K-Octave (based out of elkin NC-on a German label)....,which was "live shows" only (no studio work). And took a few chances with some other original bands that could never understand what "work together" means. He Also had some "minor label" interest but wasn't willing to sign his life away for them.
But NOW,......he is a important part of the growth and change of AUDIO ASSAULT!!!!!!!!
We can't wait for you to come jam with Paul and AUDIO ASSAULT and experience the Evolution of
Henry Juarez,.Lead Guirarist.

was born in El Salvador, been playing guitar since 1989, He likes metal, rock and some country music.  Influences are EVH, Kirk Hammett and Joe satriani.. Kirk Hammett is the reason why he wanted to play guitar and his brother taught him how to play. He loves Jackson and Ibanez guitars.. like poetry,  art.  He has a Real crossover vibe with the 80’s and 90’s Style of Playing and Always Puts on a Fiery show ...and he’s not afraid to get right in your face with it sometimes!

      John chambers, Has been a Rock solid backbone to many bands. He met Steve (Nickowski) when he joined the band No Shame with him. From there a Bond was formed that later led John (back to ) Audio Assault.... which took the band up a Notch and allowed the band to play a Wider Variety of material. As one person once put it..”One thing is for sure,...You will always be able to Feel John’s Playing”
..Geoff “Hippie” La Penta

  is the newest member of Audio Assault, WHo Is a Hair Thrashing Monster of a drummer... is mostly recognized for his short stint with Dogdaze, a local High Point cover band that specialized in rock/metal. His history with NC based metal acts goes back even further, though, having recorded an EP for the band Moses in the late 90s followed by several studio recordings with the bands Torture Cell, Cynonyte, Herein After, Eugenic Death, and Steel


Steve Nickowski
336 - 558 -2645
based in North Carolina

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